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Home remedies for UTI

uti also known as urinary tract infection, is more common in women. When an infection affects a portion of the urinary tract, typically the bladder or urethra and, in severe cases, the kidneys, it is known as a urinary tract infection (UTI). This causes pain, burning, and bleeding when you urinate.

Home remedies for UTI
Home remedies for UTI

Intake a lot of water:

One of the most effective natural home remedies for UTI is to flush infection-causing bacteria like Staphylococcus saprophyticus and others out of your body by drinking cold water while you urinate.

Direction: Drink eight glasses of cool water each day if you experience UTI symptoms.

Add baking soft drink to water and drink:

Baking soda helps to lower the level of acidity in the urine, which can make it uncomfortable to urinate because it is an alkaline substance.

Directions: 8 ounces of water are joined with 1 teaspoon of baking pop. Stir the mixture to ensure that the soda is completely dissolved. Consume this every morning for a week. Baking soft drink is high in sodium, so decrease your salt admission during this time.


The condition necessitates frequent urination. Every time the bladder and urinary tract empty, some of the bacteria that cause UTIs are removed. to avoid putting off the urge to urinate.

Increase your intake of vitamin C:

Natural citrus fruits like guava, lemon, orange, and so on are acidic, high in vitamin C, and prevent the growth of E. coli bacteria in the urinary tract. Consuming 100 milligrams of vitamin C each day has been shown to be beneficial.

 Select the appropriate clothing:

Wind conduction can be stopped by wearing pants, denim, and lightweight clothing with a texture that is not breathable. Subsequently, the got sweat and soddenness can help tiny life forms with creating, growing the potential outcomes of UTI.

 Apple vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is known for its antibacterial properties. Apple cider vinegar was found to prevent the growth of the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, according to the studies that were done by the researchers.

Green Tea:

Catechin, a substance in green tea, has antibacterial and diuretic properties. The antibacterial and diuretic properties, which aid in the fight against the infection, make it easier to get rid of a UTI.

Caffeine-free living

Coffee's caffeine irritates the bladder. You need to drink less coffee if you want to avoid getting a bladder infection.


According to the studies that were carried out by the researchers, cranberry juice is one of the home remedies for UTI that works the best. The antibacterial properties of cranberry juice prevent bacteria from growing in the urinary tract.

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 Ground Garlic:

Garlic's antibacterial properties aid in the prevention of bacterial infections in the urinary tract. With lukewarm water, you can eat garlic powder or garlic cloves.

Foods containing nuts, such as bananas:

Fruits like nuts and bananas are good for the bladder and prevent infection. Bananas and nuts ought to be a part of your diet.

Summary: A UTI infection can be treated with cranberry, garlic powder, green tea, coffee, and apple cider vinegar. Keep hydrated. habitually pee. Increase your intake of vitamin C.

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